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We're excited for you to come to Prasonisi Center. Here are some answers to the questions we get asked most.

Range of the center's activities?
Through our center, you can rent the latest equipment, organize a comprehensive trip to Prasonisi. You can also store your equipment at the center. We can arrange accommodation and car rental.
What are the opening hours of the center?
The center operates daily from 10:00am to 18:30pm during the months of June, July, and August, and from 10:00am to 18:00pm in May, September, and October.
What equipment does Prasonisi Center offer?
For every new season, we have the latest models of Severne, Fanatic, and Starboard windsurfing boards and Severne sails. Sails are rigged on masts with 75% and 100% carbon content, recommended by the producer (RDM and SDM models). For maximum convenience, all our boards and sails are located 10 meters from the water by our baywatch. This is a great convenience when using rented equipment and also when changing boards or sails.
How can equipment be rented?
Equipment can be rented via email. Only selected models of boards can be reserved; sails can always be switched depending on the wind conditions. When reserving equipment, you can (and you should!) view it earlier on our website and send an enquiry with the selected dates and models or ask us to help you to choose the right equipment. In order to confirm your reservation, it is necessary to pay a deposit.
How can I change my equipment?
Equipment can be changed at any time, but only for a model that at the given moment is not reserved for another customer. To change equipment, just ask the Prasonisi Center's staff at the beach or in the office.
What happens if the board I rented will be damaged?
You do not need to worry about that, as the price includes damage insurance. We would like you to report any damages on the equipment to the Prasonisi Center's staff, either on the beach or in the office, as soon as possible. The damaged equipment will be out of service, and the school's team will try to find the same board or as similar as possible during the repair period. We also recommend taking out sports civil liability insurance before leaving for Rhodes. This kind of insurance is NOT included in the board rental price.
What does the "Family package - 1 couple 1 board" offer mean?
It is an ideal package for people who spend their holiday as a couple and want to mix windsurfing with parental responsibilities, or for people who only want to windsurf 2 or 3 hours a day. By reserving one board in the family package, 2 people have the opportunity to use it.
How early should I reserve my equipment/training/hotel?
It is best to make your reservations as soon as you decide to come and not wait until the last moment.
What is the best month to come in terms of the weather conditions (wind, temperature, tourism)
Good wind, the equipment is brand new, a lot of space on the water, which makes sailing more comfortable, the Greeks are more energetic, just a very few regular tourists, the island is still green after the winter, so it is very impressive and beautiful, prices are good everywhere. It is an excellent time to organize a group or company trip. It is a good time to get some practice before the season. May is often chosen by riders who plan to come back in September.
The water and the wind are still a bit cold, so a shorty wetsuit is necessary or even a full suit on colder days. There are a few social events and beach parties.
Stable strong and warm wind and of course warm water, still not too many riders on the water, as well as regular tourists.
There are no disadvantages, it is a perfect month to visit us.
July, August
It is high season, so it is very lively, a good time for singles to come, there is a lot happening. Stable meltemi wind of course. Pretty hot, so you should always protect yourself from the sun's rays, and do not forget to drink enough water to avoid dehydration.
These months are not recommended for people who are looking for discounted prices.
September, October
An excellent extension of the summer, perfect water and air conditions, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Still strong wind, and sometimes can be even stronger than in the high season, although it is a bit more unpredictable in October. A lot of space is on the water.
The days are a bit shorter, and the center is open an hour less (according to Greek law).
Should I bring a wetsuit at the beginning of May or is the water already warm?
It is worthwhile equipping yourself with a wetsuit at the beginning of the season because the water is not always warm enough. You can bring your own wetsuit or buy one at Zanetos Super Market. We have a wide range of wetsuits, lycras, gloves, shoes, and harness lines. Wetsuits are not heavy, so we always recommend bringing your own even if you come during the high season in July and August.
Can I rent a room through the Prasonisi Center's office?
Yes, you can! Prasonisi Center also provides hotel rooms at Prasonisi itself as well as Katavia, which is 8 km away from the beach. You can find the latest offers with prices on our website. We are also able to rent houses for special orders.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can!
Can I buy wetsuits, lycras, gloves, etc... at Prasonisi Center?
We do not have a physical shop at the center, but our partner shop at Zanetos Super Market has everything you need, and you can buy it there.
Are there any restaurants and shops at the beach?
Yes, there are 2 good restaurants and 2 well-stocked shops at the beach. At Katavia, you can find 4 very nice and not too expensive restaurants with traditional Greek foods.
How much does it cost to eat at the beach?
Breakfast in a restaurant costs about 10 euros and is served as a buffet with hot dishes, bread, cheese, cold meats, fruit, and drinks (tea/coffee and juices). Lunch or dinner costs from 15 euros. In the restaurants, there is a wide range of traditional Greek and European dishes. The dishes are served in generous portions. The shops on Prasonisi are very well-stocked, and all necessary groceries can be bought (bread, cheese, cold meats, fruit, drinks, and sweets).
Are there any campsites near the center?
There are no campsites nearby the center, and pitching tents on the beach and the dunes is forbidden.