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We are pleased to present our price list 2023. Our prices are complete, including Equipment Damage Insurance, which is usually paid additionally in other Windsurfing Centers. Check it out and find the perfect choice for your needs!

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Board Rental
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
360€ 550€ 720€
Standard boards
390€ 650€ 850€
Premium boards
Severne Pyro
Starboard Ultrakode
Starboard Kode
Severne Dyno HD
Severne Dyno
Fanatic Freewave
Severne Psycho
Starboard Futura Wood
Starboard Futura Carbon
Severne Verso
Severne Fox
Starboard Carve
Starboard Carve Starlite Carbon
Starboard Go
Fanatic Gecko HRS
Fanatic Gecko LTD
Fanatic Blast HRS
Fanatic Blast LTD
Severne Alien
440€ 690€ 960€
Windsurfing Foil and Wing Foil boards
Severne Revo
Starboard Start
Starboard Rio
Starboard Go Windsurfer
Fanatic Viper
Gong Inflatable Hipe First
Fanatic Sky Wing
Starboard Lite Tech
485€ 745€ 975€
Family offer with Standard boards
One couple - One board
525€ 875€ 1145€
Family offer with Premium boards
One couple - One board
275€ 455€ 595€
Semi Standard boards or sails only
Included in the price
No hidden costs
Damage insurance
Rig changes
Harness lines
Life jacket
Rescue on the water
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
100€ 150€ 250€
Windsurf board + 2 rig or wing foil equipment
90€ 120€ 150€
Windsurf board or just 2 rig
Included in the price
No hidden costs
Rescue on the water
Fresh, sweet water for cleaning equipment
Harness Rental
1 day 1 week
30€ 50€
Harness Rental
xxs - xxl
Included in the price
No hidden costs
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